Please also see the Stevens FAQ's

This Virtual Airline is different! You fly schedules just like in real Airline life! This Virtual Airline, operating the Boeing
747-400 (by PMDG, PS1/PSX and iFly) as well as the Boeing 767-300ER (by Level-D), Boeing 777-200LR (by PMDG) and MD-11F
(by PMDG) exclusively, is maintained by real world pilots, who bring in their vast experience and knowledge about
real-world operations. Our goal is to be as realistic as possible.

How to sign up as a pilot? Just click on "Join".   

                                            D-ASSC during a D-Check at the Lufthansa Technik Facilities at Hamburg

You have duty schedules, Company Routes, even Standard Operating Procedures (SOP's), Minimum
Equipment Lists for Dispatch and - most important - a fully automatic Flybase for recording your
PIREPs, flight hours and statistics! 

Your Duty Notification will be generated by our Crew Schedulers once you apply as pilot for Stevens. 

But no need to worry, you don't have to fly the plan as scheduled. Do your flights when you have
time to do it. You will find out though, how tough airline flying can be! 


Via the FlyBase you can check and maintain your duty schedule, see which flight to do next, get a weather and NOTAM
Briefing and check your pilot hours which are updated immediately after entering a PIREP. Once entered, the flight dis-
appears out of your duty notification and you will only see the remaining flights in your schedule. If you have done all
flights, you may request a new schedule via the Stevens Forum or via eMail, however Crew Scheduling will be alerted
automatically once your number of remaining assignments drops below a pre-defined level.

Please also register on the Stevens Forum. After registration every Stevens pilot is welcome to ask questions, discuss
things, request a schedule and so on.  Also note, that you'll find a board at the Forum, the "Stevens Crew Info", where
you will find important information regarding our operations and your work as a Stevens pilot. So check the Forum regularly! 

Should you wish to conduct a "Charter"-flight outside of our normal scheduled operations, you may of course do so. Please
check the Stevens FAQ's (link at the top) for regulations regarding these flights. 

At the Stevens Website you find the Schedules, Aircraft Rotations, Fleet Information, the FlyBase, information about
"the numbers" (Economics), NOTAMs and a "Links and Files"-page with valuable resources for STV operations . 

The career rankings as a Stevens pilot are:

Rank Abbrev Hours
First Officer FO 0 to 299 hours
Captain CPT 300 to 999 hours
Senior Captain S/CPT 1000 to 2999 hours
Check Captain C/CPT 3000 to 4999 hours
Senior Check Captain SC/CPT


 + hours


                 Senior Check Captain Stefan Schweizer and Senior Check Captain Timo Koecker during Flight Training at Stevens VA ;-)

The most important thing to know is, that the economical development of Stevens Virtual Airlines is directly linked with the pilots,
that means - you! Although the dynamic load-factor function is currently unavailable, economic success will depend on the number
of PIREPs submitted each month.

The LF is calculated in two parts. The first part is directly affected by the number of PIREPs submitted. The second part is influenced
by the real-world development in the airline industry, so these developments will be realistically reflected in our economics.

You see, you interact the airline by your own effort. If the pilots are flying, Stevens earns money. If they don't, Stevens fails and may
cease flight operations one day. Check the "Economics" link on the Stevens site and check all the years since started in 2001. In 2003
we were close to filing for bankruptcy, but got up again, because the pilots were flying again.
So, every flight will be counted economically!

Now you can imagine, why it is important to operate for Stevens regularly.

Now, step by step:

1. Enter the Stevens webpage

2. Follow the link "FLYBASE/PIREP"

3. Enter your Flybase-Password to enter your Personal Pilot Folder, where you can check your next flights in your Duty Notification. You
    can also obtain weather information as well as a fuel estimate there.

4. You are ready to go!

5. Enter the Stevens Flybase and enter a PIREP for your flight with all details you asked for.

6. After sending your details your Flight hours are automatically updated and you can start all over again!

Last but not least we expect personal engagement (don't just be a number in our roster, try to complete flights on a regular bases
and engage in forum discussions and events) and compliance with our rules and guidelines from all of our pilots. Flying for Stevens
should be fun, but nevertheless respecting the rules, SOPs and showing good airmanship is required to maintain the good reputation
that Stevens has gained in the last years. But do remember that you are linked to the forthcome of the airline by the means of LF!

We have a real nice community at Stevens now, if you are able, fly online (IVAO or VATSIM) as much as possible to benefit from
our OPS and DISPATCH bases, who support you during your flights via ACARS

So much from now. That was much for the first day, but you will see, once settled down, you will nothing than enjoy your
employment with Stevens!

Many happy landings and you are welcome anytime for comments, suggestions or just questions via Email or the Stevens Forum!


Stefan Schweizer        Timo Koecker 
DFO Stevens VA          CEO Stevens VA