How can I apply as a Pilot?

The only thing you need to do is send an eMail to if you'd like to fly for
Stevens and provide the following information:

- Your full name
- City and Country of Residence
- Age
- Total flight hours on the PMDG 744, PMDG MD-11, Level-D 767 or PS1
   (B742 hours on the Ready-for-Pushback will also be accepted)
- Type of Aircraft (multiple allowed) you'd like to apply for
- Some information about you and why you'd like to fly for Stevens VA.

In return, you'll receive your Stevens-ID, the password and yor first duty notification! Please note that it may
take up to 48 hrs to process your application. If you haven't heared from us thereafter, please re-send your
application as sometimes eMails might get lost in cyberspace or caught by spam filters.

Every assigned Pilot will get a monthly Duty notification. That means a crew schedule where he finds the
flights he has to operate for Stevens.

But of course voluntarily! Nobody has to quit his job to get the flights done! Just to give you a feeling about
the "Airline Life". You have "Standbys", "Layovers" or "Shuttles" between destinations. For a virtual pilot a
different experience, but of course fun!

The Charter Operation will be a fun part, too. Once in a while, the assigned Stevens pilots will receive an eMail
from the Flight Operation Center, in most cases when they don't like to have a duty notification or when they
have "STBY" in their duty notification. 
You'll receive a Charterflight Order with all details needed for operating
this flight. DEP/DEST airport, passenger figures, cargo (note that D-ASCA to D-ASCD are freighters and D-ASSA
and D-ASSB are Combis!), limitations in payload and performance figures, that make this flight interesting to
operate. The destinations are sometimes tough, short fields, you are limited in Take Off weight and can reach
your destination only when you leave cargo at the departure airport, or you try a Reclearance Flightplan and
save fuel enroute, or you plan a fuel stop. So you have to make decisions! You are the Captain!

If you don't like to fly the charter you got, you send a return Email and refuse the flight and another Pilot will
be picked.
If you like to do the flight, just confirm the Flight via Email and good luck!

At any time in your virtual Career, you'll find help from the whole Stevens Team in the dedicated Stevens Forum.